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Jenna Transformed Herself — and Now Helps Others do the Same

For the thousands of people in her Facebook group and visiting her website, Jenna Leveille is a motivating force for transformation, serving up the kind of enthusiasm and support that’s crucial for crushing any goal. But that passion doesn’t come from a life spent as an elite athlete or top-ranked trainer. She draws her inspiration from […]


  Check out these facts about water… Makes up 75% of the brain. Carries nutrients to all the cells in your body. Helps to convert food to energy. Acts as a protection to our organs. Helps our body to absorb nutrients. 75% of muscles are Made up of water. 83% of blood is water. Regulates […]

What is ‘Truebroc’ Broccoli Seed Extract?

What is truebrocTM Broccoli Seed Extract?   Broccoli is a superfood for a reason.   It has a “super ingredient” which is called GLUCORAPHANIN.  As it happens, raw broccoli is one of the best natural sources of glucoraphanin.   One cup of raw broccoli, chopped, has only 31 calories and boasts more than 2 grams of […]

What is AMINOGEN?®

Aminogen® is newer to the health & nutrition industry, which is why it isn’t quite as well known as some of the other ingredients & supplements on the market.  Aminogen® is an enzyme that is added to various protein powders and other supplements. This enzyme helps aid in the digestion of protein body while also […]

A Few Words About Monk Fruit…

Monk fruit, or lo han guo, is a small green melon native to southern China & it’s named after the monks who were the ones who first farmed it hundreds of years ago. The health benefits of the fruit have been well-known in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a hundred years, but due to some […]

10 Awesome Benefits of Monkfruit…

Does not raise blood sugar levels Contains no calories, carbohydrates, sodium or fat. Fights Free Radicals.  Lowers Risk of Obesity Lowers Risk of  Diabetes.  Acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body.  Helps to treat and prevent cancer.  Combats infections.  Fights Fatigue. Works as a Natural Antihistamine.


GCE MD – Hands down the best nutraceutical products available on the market. Industry-leading quality and reliability. Backed 100% by science. All products are made from plant fiber, naturally free of animal products, preservatives, gelatin, wheat, and dairy. No GMOs. Vegetarian Society approved Acid Resistance and Controlled Release. GMP stamp (Good Manufacturing Practice) independent evaluation. […]

Become a distributor with GCE MD

Exclusive Sports and Fitness Products Pharmaceutical Grade Products are manufactured in a FDA registerd lab under the GMP ceritification and are NSF compliant. Marketing Packages and Ongoing Support Promotional materials and great social media program Competitive Advantage – Real life weight loss experience and story Education and Training Support Rewards Program – Deeper discounts Get your […]
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